Brick & Stone Patios

The Deck and Patio Company can enhance the look of both the front and back of your residence through the use of brick, natural stone, pavers and other landscaping materials. Brickwork and stonework have adopted new trends over the last few years. In fact, The Deck and Patio has earned four awards from the "Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute". These awards signify the superior design ability and competence of installation by Deck and Patio's team of construction experts.

Our abilities to use the proper materials for the effect intended, comes from knowledge gained over the years. This experience also earned us certification with the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). We currently have 3 ICPI certified builders on staff. Using the proper color and shading of brick and stone to complement your residence are important considerations. We also take the texture and shape of the materials into account so they provide a natural look in their setting.

From walkways to patios built into their natural surroundings, we work with the site and nature's intent. Our construction looks like it belongs there. Whether your taste calls for the crisp clean lines of the modern Cambridge or the classic old style of Techo-Bloc's tumbled pavers, The Deck and Patio can create a design to suit your taste palette.

Driveways are being replaced by paving stone construction giving a warm, inviting look. They provide a look of class and distinction to your home. They are durable and long lasting because they are made of high quality materials. We choose the best materials since the cost differences are so small.

The Deck and Patio Company installs their patios over 8" of RCA (recycled concrete aggregate), which is the same as the standard driveway base, and twice as thick as the industry patio standard of 4". Doubling up on the RCA base extends the life of the patio and its durability.

We use tumbled paving stones like Techo-Bloc to capture the natural look without the problems such as heat retention and deterioration during the freeze and thaw conditions. Techo-Bloc comes in matching components including pavers, walls, caps, steps and risers which allows for the ability of tying large areas into the color and design scheme. Should you wish to choose a flat stone such as Cambridge with a protective coating called Armortec, you can get a clean lined modern look from a paver with maximum color retention. We also often install Unilock's Brussels pavers that show the most paver surface area and also have very tight joints.

All of our patios can be laid out in a variety of arrangements such as "random" which incorporates multiple sizes configured in a pattern. Elegant accents are created through the use of circle kits and fan inlays. In addition to the durability of our installation, its beauty will be unsurpassed through the use of a blend of stone colors. Paving stone color blends can help convey the attractive look you seek.

The use of capstone for pool coping and steps convey a natural look and the colors of Techo-Bloc, especially Sandlewood, blend beautifully with our natural moss rock boulders. In order to maintain that beauty, we apply stabilizer sand to the joints, which prohibits weeds and grass from sprouting up through the surface. If you are looking for something other than paving stones, we also offer a variety of natural stone such as bluestone patios, which are installed, similarly to pavers. We lay the bluestone over crushed stone with stabilized joints allowing for easy repairs without the "replaced" or "patched up" look because we do not use traditional mortar. Our building techniques and designs are so efficient and attractive that they were chosen to line the pages of the Cambridge and Techo-Bloc distribution brochures.